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Do you need help with your e-commerce or customer loyalty project? We'll take good care of you. We help some of the most successful companies in Scandinavia by creating profitable business cases and adding value to their customers. We create made-to-order solutions, which will help you get started – quickly and cost-effectively.

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Your turnkey supplier | We have more than 15 years of experience of developing and running e-commerce and customer loyalty programs for large Scandinavian and international companies. By letting us manage the entire value chain (or parts of it) that makes up an e-commerce or customer loyalty program, you'll receive a quicker, more cost effective and adaptive solution that can be taken from idea to wireframes to production in no time at all.

Purchasing | We have thousands of SKUs from well-known brands in our assortment and long-standing relationships with all our suppliers. In addition to all physical products, we also offer a number of suppliers of services in our assortment. As one of our clients, you'll get access to our whole network. Read more about sales

IT and maintenance | We offer a complete IT setup with e-commerce, logistics, customer support systems in addition to payment modules and hosting environment. We build e-commerce applications using Magento – one of the most well-known, open source e-commerce platforms out there. We host all our systems using a professional hosting partner and we're continoulsy testing and patching any security concerns that might arise. We have extensive experience of integrating with various systems and ERPs and we consider a responsive user experience to be mandatory.

Sales and Marketing | We have more than 15 years of e-commerce and e-marketing exprience. By assigning you a project manager as your single point of contact you'll be able to draw upon all the tools in our toolbox with a single e-mail. We'll help you setup the assortment, pricing structure as well as a seasonally adapted marketing plan to help you get the most out of your e-commerce store or loyalty program.

Customer service & After-sales | Our after-sales and customer service department helps your customers with any product questions, helps them with returns, and any other inquiries they might have over telephone and e-mail, no matter whether they're in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English. With more than 10 years of exprience in customer support and after-sales, we understand the importance of being able to meet the needs of every customer.

Logistics | Our warehouse is stategically located outside Uddevalla in Sweden, from which we distribute thounsands of packages every month. We send pallets, parcels and everything in between to persons and companies within the Nordic region in under 48 hours. We cooperate with well-known shipping agencies, such as PostNord, DHL and UPS. Read more about Finance

Graphic Design | Drawing from our extensive experience in digital art, we've got all your graphic design needs covered. By using us as your supplier of wireframes, banners, newsletters, photo, brochures, flyers, catalogues and copywriting, you'll create a basis for an increase in sales as well as in customer satisfaction.

Economics, Statistics and Administration | In order to facilitate the administration and integration of your e-commerce or customer loyalty project, you may choose to let us be the seller of the products and services – thus you won't have to worry about advanced integrations with your own ERP. We'll manage payment workflows, accounting, taxes and supply you with detailed sales figures, monthly or on-demand. Read more about after sales and customer support

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