Experts in E-commerce since 1999

Want to reward your customers for taking a specific action, or for simply being awesome? Supplying all the tools needed to successfully deploy and operate a customer loyalty reward portal or e‑commerce project, we are a turnkey one-stop-shop supplier, with a team made up of e‑commerce, web design, marketing and customer service professionals. We can help you set up an e‑commerce store to help you sell your products online, or a reward portal to help you increase loyalty and decrease churn.

Depending on which study you believe, and what industry you're in, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. – Harvard Business Review

Happy customers are loyal customers

Customers tend to share their experience of your brand or product with others. Why not give them something positive to share? Happy customers are loyal customers that will return for new business. This is why investing in customer relationship management and loyalty generating efforts should be vital components of your overall strategy to reduce your churn rate and increase business. Make your customers happy by rewarding them for staying loyal – it will benefit you in the long run, and we promise we can make it worth your while!

One-stop-shop solution with one point of contact

We build and host the site, purchase and warehouse the products, pack and ship the orders, handle payments and invoicing, and operate the customer service. We’ve got all the tools you need to setup and run a reward program or e‑commerce store. By allowing us to manage the entire value chain of your customer reward or e‑commerce project, you'll receive a quicker, more cost effective and adaptive solution that can be taken from idea to production quickly and cost-efficiently. As a client, you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager, who'll be your one point of contact. That way, you don't have to make tons of calls or write four emails, just to get that one thing done – think of your project manager as your Crossroads best buddy.

Leveraging your investment in loyalty

Our goal is to always generate an experience where the perceived value of the reward exceeds the reward cost, creating important leverage for you in your customer loyalty efforts.

Use our product assortment or bring your own

Our warehouse is jam-packed with exciting products and offers for well-known brands that can easily be added to your store or reward portal. Since we purchase a lot of products, we get pretty sweet deals from our suppliers, enabling us to provide you with the financial leverage you need to make your reward program viable.

Have a few proprietary products that you want to supplement our assortment with? Or maybe you want us to create a brand store using your assortment exclusively? Store your products at our warehouse or allow us to setup a drop ship integration to automate the logistics process, allowing your customer to only receive a single parcel for every order.

Artisanal user experience design in e‑commerce

We create e‑commerce and e-reward sites where the shopping and redemption experience really takes the center stage. Leveraging our competent design team and our sophisticated and interactive website architecture, we’re confident you won't be disappointed with what we build you.

In addition, we promise you won't have to wait 6 months to replace a picture or fix a typo because your in-house IT department is caught up in some strategic project – we're at your service 24/7 and we move like greased lightning.

What isn't measured isn't managed

We know that having access to relevant business intelligence and analytics is key to improving and developing customer loyalty and e‑commerce projects. Our analysts and developers can supply your project with the information you need to be able to make data driven decisions on a daily basis. Let our project managers take care of the run-of-the-mill and only brief you with a monthly digest of the most relevant KPIs, or deep dive into the nitty gritty details with our powerful on-demand reporting tools.

The tools of our trade

Best described by the simple analogy of a toolbox, the components that make up our delivery contain everything needed to design, develop and operate a customer loyalty, reward or e‑commerce project. Let us handle the entire setup, or pick and choose from the components to create a tailor made solution that suits your specific needs.

Design och User Experience

Drawing from our extensive experience in digital user interface design, we create state of the art e‑commerce and reward user experiences.

IT & Development

We craft modern and intuitive e‑commerce and customer loyalty reward websites and integrate them seamlessly with your ERP, while adhering to rigorous IT security standards.

Purchasing & Procurement

Our assortment contains thousands of exciting rewards from hundreds of well-known brands, including gadgets, digital vouchers, experiences, gift cards and more. We’ll be your supplier management partner, managing the entire procurement process.

Sales & Marketing

We have more than 15 years of e‑commerce and digital marketing experience. Your dedicated project manager will take care of pricing, campaign management, marketing automation and data-driven digital advertising.

Logistics & Warehouseing

Using our integrated logistics center, we’ll handle the picking and packing of all orders in your reward or e‑commerce project.

Finance & Transactions

By allowing us to be the legal seller of the products and services sold in your reward or e‑commerce site you don’t have to worry about payments workflows, accounting, integrations with ERPs, taxes, and customs.

Customer Service & After Sales

Our after-sales and customer service department helps your customers with any product questions, helps them with returns, and any other inquiries they might have over telephone, e-mail, chat or social media.

Our solutions

Want to set up a custom e‑commerce project without having to worry about integrations? Need someone who can take care of the entire value chain of your customer loyalty reward portal? Learn more about what we do by exploring our solutions.

Case studies

Find out about how we help airline SAS generate loyalty using a fully outsourced portal for point redemption, or how we integrate loyalty generating deals and offers in the customer journey at energy company E.ON.