Finance & Transactions

By allowing us to be the legal seller of the products and services sold in your reward or e‑commerce site you don’t have to worry about payments workflows, accounting, integrations with ERPs, taxes, and customs.

Payment workflows

Our solution has support for a multitude of payment methods, including invoice, mobile payment systems and a PCI-DDS certified payment gateway for credit and debit cards. Already integrated with our ERP, you don’t have to think about having to adapt your ERP and workflow.

Taxes & Customs

We’ll take care of any taxes associated with your e‑commerce store or loyalty portal. If your store supports exporting to other countries, we’ll take care of the reporting and payment of taxes, customs and other tariffs associated with your store.

Legal obligations

As the legal seller, we take full responsibility for obligations with regards to the right of return, reclaims, and similar.

Business intelligence

Our powerful analytics and reporting tools allow us to visualize important business metrics to you in an interactive way that enables fast and data driven decisions.