Development & IT

We craft modern and intuitive e‑commerce and customer loyalty reward websites and integrate them seamlessly with your ERP, while adhering to rigorous IT security standards.

Full service provider

We offer a completely outsourced IT setup with e‑commerce, logistics and customer support systems in addition to payment modules and redundant hosting environment.

Independent of your own IT department

We're able to deliver projects on time, even if your in-house IT department is preoccupied with strategic initiatives for the next 6 months.

Backend build on top of Magento

We build e‑commerce applications using Magento - one of the most well-known, open source e‑commerce platforms out there. Easily adaptable and extendable, it enables us to take advantage of a vibrant open source community and develop custom in-house functionality tailor made to suit our client's needs. Our backend engineers have extensive experience of integrating with various systems, APIs and ERPs.

Advanced frontend architecture for modern user interfaces

Our frontend applications are built using API-based isomorphic react, a JavaScript technology with which we create seamless, lightning fast, single-page application user experiences that enables interactivity on a whole new level.

Agile always-improving methodology

We employ agile methodologies that enables us to quickly adapt and respond to new project requirements and facilitates continuously improving our e‑commerce and reward solutions with new features and bug fixes.

Rigorous hosting

We host all our systems using a professional hosting partner that employs the whole shebang – full redundancy including two separate physical locations within Sweden, redundant internet connections, UPS equipped power supplies, and daily backups are just a few features.

Extensive security experience

We have considerable experience of information security compliance, having had to pass rigorous scrutiny along with PEN tests performed by banks, airlines and power companies.