Sales & Marketing

We have more than 15 years of e‑commerce and digital marketing experience. Your dedicated project manager will take care of pricing, campaign management, marketing automation and data-driven digital advertising.

Campaign management

We’ll create a marketing plan in which we’ll seasonally adapt sales messaging and offer content to harmonize with your existing communication plan.

Marketing automation

We can help you produce marketing emails containing personalized offers and content, set up marketing automation such as a welcome series or abandoned cart recovery. Already have an email provider? Don’t worry – we can supply you with content no matter what provider you use.


Pricing products, in points as well as in conventional currency, is a challenge — being able to undercut market pricing is integral for reward and deal experience, but undercutting by too much impacts margin and cost or redemption. We have extensive experience in pricing strategies and tools to pricing easy and effective.

Social media

We’ll help you advertise and communicate relevant e‑commerce and reward content in your social media channels.


We have extensive experience managing and integrating various digital advertising networks and campaigns to drive traffic to your store.