We've created customer loyalty and e‑commerce solutions for some of the most successful companies in the Nordic region. Find out how in our case studies, or browse our solutions and explore the unique challenges facing the industries we specialize in.

  • Customer Loyalty Solutions


    Ecster needed a one stop shop solution for redemption in its point based loyalty program.

  • Customer Loyalty Solutions


    Mastercard's digital wallet Masterpass makes it easy to make digital purchases on any device - desktop, tablet and mobile. Masterpass, through their agency McCann, contacted us and wanted us to create a solution for how to incentivize the account creation process for the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market.

  • Customer Loyalty Solutions


    TUI wanted a flexible solution for how to provide their customers with tactical e-commerce offers across their entire customer journey – all the way from booking to homecoming.

  • Customer Loyalty Solutions

    SF Movie Stars

    How do can we reduce churn among SF Anytime subscribers? This was the challenge SF Studios approached us with. We created SF Movie Stars – a point based loyalty program for on demand services SF Anyime and SF Kids Play.

  • Customer Loyalty & Reward Management

    SAS EuroBonus

    SAS wanted a partner that could provide a one-stop-shop solution that took full responsibility of the entire point redemption process of their loyalty program.

  • Customer Loyalty & Reward Management


    E.ON approached Crossroads wanting to increase customer loyalty as well as providing them with a way of building customer trust by offering verified customers energy smart products at competitive pricing.

  • Customer Loyalty & Reward Management


    A digital employee gifting platform that delivers hassle free administration for the employer, while allowing the employees to choose something they really want from a from a large selection of gift options.

  • E-commerce

    BenifyDeals Store

    Employer branding and benefit company Benify needed a content partner that could supply their growing customer base with a variety of deals and benefits in a seamlessly integrated e‑commerce store.

  • E-commerce

    Out of Home

    Challenging an oligopoly market as a small startup, wholesale foodservice company Out of Home wanted a tailor made e‑commerce solution that could allow them to grow exponentially.

Industries we work in

Whatever industry you are part of, retaining customers has always been and will continue to be a vital part for your business. Learn more about the industries we specialise in and their unique customer loyalty challenges they are facing by exploring our industry spotlights.

Customer loyalty and reward management

  • Transport
  • Finance
  • Utilities
  • Insurance & Security
  • Telecom
  • Benefits
  • Member organisations
  • Hospitality
  • Gaming


  • Brand Store
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • B2B wholesale


We are specialists in building and operating loyalty programs, reward solutions and custom e‑commerce projects. We pride ourselves on continuously improving ourselves and our solutions, on staying at the forefront of technical development and on being able to offer innovative business models that generate real value for our clients.

Customer Loyalty & Reward Management

Reward management for point based loyalty programs

Our full service reward platform includes site development, reward assortment, campaign management and customer service. Allow your customers to pay using points, credit card or a combination of both.

Generate customer loyalty using deals and offers

Augment the value proposition of your product or service with access to exclusive loyalty generating deals and offers. Integrates effortlessly with your existing communication channels.


Brand store

A fully outsourced digital storefront for your brand, without wasting time on complex ERP integrations and adaptations to your outbound logistics.

Digital wholesale for B2B

We have extensive experience in digital transformation processes in a B2B context – taking assortment, product information, order management and bulk wholesale online.

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