Giving employers a powerful way to visualize employee benefits such as health promotion grants and pension policies using in their powerful employee benefit portal, Benify wanted a content partner that could ensure a steady supply of deals and benefits from well-known brands, as well as custom benefit solutions.


Seamlessly integrated with Benify's benefit portal using a Single Sign On integration, benifyDeals Store is a fully fledged e‑commerce experience adapted to blend in to the benify portal user experience. Promoting advantageous deals and offers on well-known brands and products, benifyDeals Store provides Benify with a steady stream of content to their benefit portal, generating employee loyalty and supporting Benify in their employer branding efforts.

Services provided to Benify include:

  • Responsive, mobile-first user experience created with modern javascript user interface technology
  • Integration of backend with Benify using a SAML based Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Assortment and partner/supplier management
  • Same day shipments from Swedish warehouse
  • Integration with marketing automation platform, communicating relevant product offers via email and in Benify portal
  • Campaign management with exciting advent calendar shopping experience
  • Customer support over email and telephone