Products in the utilities sector are notoriously known for rough price fights and hard-to-compare product offers. Customers are hard to win and hard to keep, and having access to tools that can take active measures towards reducing churn rate and increasing customer loyalty is key. E.ON approached Crossroads wanting to increase customer loyalty as well as providing them with a way of building customer trust by offering verified customers energy smart products at competitive pricing.


The resulting E.ON Webbshop – an e‑commerce store and reward engine, has been operational since the autumn of 2013. Since then, it has become an integral part of many aspects of E.ON's customer journey. The platform also powers the e‑commerce part of the 100Koll concept – E.ON's range of connected power plugs that enable you to monitor and control your energy consumption in real time via your mobile device.

Services provided to E.ON include:

  • Responsive, mobile-first user experience created with modern javascript user interface technology
  • Integration of backend with E.ON Single Sign On (SSO), as well as ERP application programming interfaces (APIs) for verifying customer data and status
  • Assortment and partner/supplier management
  • Same day shipments from Swedish warehouse
  • Integration with marketing automation platform, communicating relevant product offers in email and online channels
  • Integration with customer service platform, empowering customer service reps with the ability to create vouchers and rewards on demand
  • Campaign management with exciting advent calendar shopping experience
  • 10 year customer anniversary reward campaign
  • Customer support over email and telephone