With two large players controlling the entire foodservice market, startup Out of Home wanted to challenge the status quo with a digital business approach, leveraging e‑commerce in a market that has traditionally been very analogue. Continously growing rapidly and now ready to make the next leap, Out of Home trusted Crossroads to realize their dream of a next generation B2B wholesale user experience.

Solution is built using the very latest user interface technology and is able to filter and render thousands of products instantaneously, in order to provide a lightning fast user experience for Outofhome's customers. The new site also features powerful user profiling functionality and advanced product recommendation algorithms that ensure that users are presented with relevant content in every stage of their shopping experience.

Crossroads has been able to ensure that we are in the forefront of the technical development. Thanks to Crossroads, we have a top-of-the-line e‑commerce user experience and are able to make data-driven decisions on a daily basis.

Robert Ranieli

Sales Manager, Out of Home

Services provided to Out of Home include:

  • User experience consulting and design
  • Magento backend with custom API layer
  • Elasticsearch based search engine
  • Custom product recommendation algoritms
  • Business intelligence and analytics consultation and implementation