How do can we reduce churn among SF Anytime subscribers? This was the challenge SF Studios approached us with. We created SF Movie Stars – a point based loyalty program for on demand services SF Anyime and SF Kids Play.


By awarding SF Anytime and SF Kids Play with points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for new movie rentals/purchases and/or merchandise and exclusive previews and events, we create a loyalizing effect that makes customers stay a while longer than before. Together with SF Studio's CRM supplier InterMail, we created a one stop shop solution what spans all the way from poing generation to redemption, including web development, procurement and warehouseing, as well as customer service. The program has been launched in a closed beta and is currently available by invite only.

Project details

  • Responsive, "mobile-first" based UX/UI design based on a concept from SF Studio's agency
  • Registration process that integrates with existing SF Anytime and SF Kids Play accounts
  • Integration with SF Studio's CRM supplier InterMail for point redemption