Customer Loyalty & Reward Management Solutions

We offer a wide range of full service solutions in customer loyalty, including all the components of the reward management value chain. No matter whether your loyalty program model is point based or not, we’re confident we have a reward store solution that suits your needs.

Reward management for point based loyalty programs

Our full service reward platform includes site development, reward assortment, campaign management and customer service. Allow your customers to pay using points, credit card or a combination of both.

Generate customer loyalty using deals and offers

Augment the value proposition of your product or service with access to exclusive loyalty generating deals and offers. Integrates effortlessly with your existing communication channels.

Reward customers, employees or suppliers with offers and benefits

Give your customers, employees, suppliers or other third party access to exciting deals and offers using our ready-to-go deals-as-content portal.

Incentivize desired customer behaviour using exciting rewards

Fully outsourced solution for rewarding desired behaviour, such as new account creation, contract extension or newsletter signup, with rewards or access to deals and offers.